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June 11, 2010
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'i'Android Desk - June 2010 by ibg-5 'i'Android Desk - June 2010 by ibg-5
'i' Love green and the Android Mascot, so this is what i came up with - after a days long work

'i'Desk Android

Logon Screen
> Background : Android 3 from Android Wallpaper Pack by Selvo

Desktop 1
> Visual Style: Soft 7 by AP GRAPHIK
> StartOrb : 'i'Android Orb Made by Me using iDroid Icon Pack by iirojappinen
> Icons on the Taskbar : Android Icon Templates by Bharathp666
> 5th icon : Plam re Notes Icon by Thiago
> Google Icon : Google Chrome Original Icon
> Taskbar Clock : A mod of New Simple Taskbar by bubble-qumm
> Today is Date : A Modification of TextItems From Omnimo by FediaFedia
> Mail and Weather : XYZ by Scott-Evo
> Etched Clock : Embedded by Johngreenwood
> Cover Art : Button-Pins Skin for CAD by Aikken
> Google Search : Sticky on The wallpaper
> Battery : Caruso Battery by Leuchtstoff
> Recycle Bin : AveDesk 1.4 PIDL Recyclebin Shortcut
> Recycle Bin Icon : Modded(by me) - Dark Concave Recycle Bin Icon by Gakuseisean
> Bottom Tab : Omega Tray by Leeheb
> Bottom Notes Taskbar : A mod of New Simple Taskbar by bubble-qumm
> Wallpaper: Modded(by me) Android 2 from Android Wallpaper Pack by Selvo

Desktop 2
Omega Tray Icons : Breathe by Benrulz
Last Google G icon: Extracted from Google's Chrome.exe

Desktop 3
> Google Chrome Theme : Robot Theme, inspired by AndroidTM by Roman Nurik

> Youtube Search : Fast YouTube Search by cleanrot

Desktop 4
> Libraries Icons : Modded(by me) - Concave by Gakuseisean

GDI++ used for overall font smoothing

Man this took me more time writing this, than making the desktop :p - enjoy
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log1kal Apr 10, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
where can i get the icon of the skating android?
ibg-5 Apr 11, 2011  Student Interface Designer
i don't know, i googled android png on Google and i got a huge size image with android doing things and i cut this one out of it - i think
sir, Could you tell me used what's major software!(or sent to me)
I like works
and want to design my style desktop!
my email is
thanks again!
ibg-5 Mar 30, 2011  Student Interface Designer
i explained everything above - the main software i used was rainmeter
hi guys
I have a question?
how to make the icon put into taskbar of the middle!
I try it but my icon is so small
Maybe my method was different with you
I want to like yours middle and bigger!
thanks very....very much
manjatsonic Mar 15, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Great Desktop :)

i feel so amazing !! btw how to capture logon screen screenshoot in windows 7 ? many times i used PrtScr button can't take it..?

Thanks :D
ibg-5 Mar 15, 2011  Student Interface Designer
Thanks Alot
i used Logon Editor 1.0 By Vincent Bethmann for logon screenshot
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